First Time -- Not everyone gets to discover the Stargate twice. (gen, G, spoilers through Fallen)

Fluent (or, What Happens When You Lose A Bet To Barkley) -- It seems unfair that Jack, who can wield words as surely as any other weapon when he has to, is being denied even that grace. (gen, G, spoilers through Lost City)

Inheritance -- Jack tidies up some loose ends. A companion piece to cofax's Aggregation. (gen, G, spoilers through Lost City)

Appropriate Behavior -- Security cameras can't record an invisible man. A birthday ficlet for Destina. (J/D, PG-13, spoilers through Crystal Skull)

Wakeup Call -- Jack defends his manhood. A response to the challenge "Jack/Sam/Daniel and a curtain rod," for Tsiankiio and Nestra. (J/S/D, PG-13)

Housewarming -- Beer and furniture assembly don't mix. For Barkley, who wanted to see Teal'c's housewarming party. (gen, G, spoilers through Lockdown)

Peacock -- Teal'c wishes he had another story to tell. For minnow1212, who wanted to see a Stargate snippet with the theme "luck" that included the word "fizzy." (gen, G, spoilers through Bloodlines)

Tempting Fate -- Daniel gets nitpicky. For danvers, who wanted Daniel/Paul with the phrase "How are you not dead yet. Actually, forget I said that." (D/P, G, spoilers through Zero Hour)

Invasive Species -- The SGC really needs some agricultural inspectors. For thegrrrl2002, who asked for a snippet based on an icon of hers. (J/D, G)

The Whole Law and the Prophets -- This is a story about things that can be fixed, and things that can't, and things that were never broken in the first place. An unauthorized sequel to The Dirt of Sowing and Reaping, for Salieri on her birthday. (OC/OC, PG-13)

Side Effects -- Answering sef1029's request for "Teal'c coping with his first bad cold that isn't immediately cured by tretonin." (gen, G, spoilers through The Changeling, March 2005)

The Wanderer -- Shamda tells a story. Answering deannie's request for "Daniel has a cold/virus/creeping crud for the first time since descending." (gen, G, spoilers through Fallen, March 2005)

Workplace Legends -- The first year of the Stargate program was legendary. Answering elishavah's request for a story based on my penguin LJ icon. (gen, PG, March 2005)

Potential -- In which Daniel Jackson is a difficult student. Answering cofax7's request for a story based on my "Daniel the demon of ungovernableness" LJ icon. (gen, G, March 2005)

The Grand Scheme of Things -- The thing was, he really did like Ketep. Answering tafkarfanfic's request for a story that included Dr. Darkside. (gen, PG-13, spoilers through Moebius, April 2005)

Ambition -- This is what happens when you don't let Samantha Carter go through the Stargate. Answering tsiankiio's request for Evil!Sam (though one could argue she's really just more misguided). (vaguely het, PG, spoilers through S2, April 2005)

Opportunity -- Not every thing is about the things they can't have. Written as a backup for greensilver's 2005 J/D Ficathon in response to a request for angst and a mention of ecology. (J/D UST, PG, spoilers through Tin Man, June 2005)

Implications of Policy -- A Goa'uld goes to Costco. Comedy fails to ensue. (gen, R, January 2005)

Historical Value -- Jack engages in a little office decoration in DC. Answering margueritem's request for Jack, with pottery. (gen, PG, spoilers through Avalon, February 2006)

Professional Ethics -- Rodney has opinions about proper parenting. Stargate Atlantis. Answering Minxy's request for Rodney, with Girl Scout cookies. (gen, G, spoilers through The Siege, February 2006)

Hall of Mirrors -- Alternate Martoufs. Answering medie's request for a story about Martouf. (het, PG-13, spoilers through Divide and Conquer, March 2006)

Wisdom -- Teyla is young, but she's learning. Answering elishavah's request for a snippet about Teyla. (gen, G, pre-series, March 2006)

Between Innings -- The Thermians go a-visiting. Answering nestra's request for Galaxy Quest, with team. (het, PG, March 2006)

Tourist Attractions -- Jack believes in the interplanetary tourist brochure. For elishavah, on the Occasion of her Birthday. (gen, G, spoilers through Avalon, April 2006)

Leaving Childhood -- Sometimes Teal'c gets a little tired of change. Written for paian in the Teal'c Ficathon, answering her request for Ishta, backstory, angst, and no S/J. (het, G, spoilers through Sacrifices, May 2006)

The Mountain -- Jack, Teal'c, and gay cowboys. Written for Destina on the Occasion of her Birthday. (gen, G, spoilers through Avalon, June 2006)

The Best Policy -- Truth can be a slippery thing. Written for icarusancalion in the 2006 J/D ficathon, answering her request for an offworld mission and a moral dilemma that affects Daniel but not Jack. (J/D, PG, spoilers through The Other Side, October 2006)

Two Things Sam Regretted About Getting Involved in a Threesome with Jack and Daniel -- The Baby and The Sex. Written in partial response to a Five Things challenge. (S/J/D, PG-13, spoilers through Lost City, January 2007)

To Thine Own Self Be True (The Protesting Lady Remix) -- A remix of Minxy's Perchance to Dream, written for the Gateverse Remix. (Gen, G, spoilers through Fallen, June 2007)

Three-Body Problem -- A response to the SG-1 Five Things prompt "Five things Sam regrets about getting involved in a threesome with Jack and Daniel." (S/J/D, PG-13, spoilers through Lifeline, March 2008)

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