Between Innings

Rating: PG

Galaxy Quest, with team, for Nestra.

Here's the thing.

It's a big universe out there. Lots of planets, bad guys, weird, I don't know, anomalies. One ship alone, it's a tough thing. And the Thermians do pretty well--for a while they had this whole Highway to Heaven thing going on with helping people, and let me tell you, you haven't seen fervor until you've seen a Thermian who believes he's on a mission from God--but still, there are only a couple hundred of them, and sometimes they need a break.

So once a year or so, they show up at the house. You'd think they'd go see Fred and Laliari first, right, but no, Mathesar and a few Crewmember of the Month winners always show up at my door, bam, 7 AM sharp. It's all about the Commander, I guess. And hey, I can handle that. We made the whole 'shooting season' thing real clear to them after the time they wandered onto the set and got tackled by security, so they always come during break. Besides, that way everyone gets the chance to spend a little time together, unless someone's trying to do the whole film-a-movie jump-start-a-career-outside-the-show thing. (Alexander.)

It's pretty great; there's nothing that soothes the stressed ego like hanging out with people who think you saved their people, except for the ones we didn't, who we... don't really talk about. Little awkward, there's a whole thing with repopulation... Tommy didn't catch Fred trying to wave him off this one time, and hey, did I not want to know that much about alien sex, huh?

So usually we follow their interests, like the year we did the California mission tour, which turned into the California Have Fun Guys We'll Be In The Bar Just Tell Them You're From Albania Tour after church number four. Then last year Brandon and Katelyn came down from Harvey Mudd and played with the chunk of the Protector we use for backlot tours, so this year I made a rule, no working vacations. Only fun. Which makes it a pretty good deal that the first words out of Mathesar's mouth were about Major League.

He wants to go see Cleveland play? Yeah, we can do that. We can even get a skybox. Guy said he's going to bring them a baseball encyclopedia, because he's crazy and because Mathesar isn't going to show up at his door quoting Dodger RBIs from 1963. Fred and Laliari will come and hang out in their own dimension like they usually do, and if we're real lucky Fred might practice his Thermian, which is really disturbing to listen to, by the way. Tommy'll bring the new wife, who's into all this new age crystal alien visitation stuff and who is so excited about meeting more real live aliens that her head might explode. Gwen and Alex will hole up in a corner somewhere and talk behind our backs, unless Gwen's feeling frisky, in which case we'll be the ones in the corner.

And if we aren't, hey, that's okay too. I'll be watching the game. Mathesar's going to have questions, and you know that guy doesn't miss a trick.

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