History (down-time, spoilers through Fallen) (gen, G)

Haunted (Halloween) (gen, G)

On Schedule (Sam) (gen, G)

Deserving (Narim) (gen, G, spoilers through Meridian)

Solid (Janet) (gen, G, spoilers through Singularity)

Bias (Teal'c) (Teal'c/Ishta, G, spoilers through Birthright)

Ice Cream (McLachlan) (Daniel/Sha're, G)

The Man Upstairs (RDA or TR movie) (gen, G, spoilers through S3)

Help I'm a Fish (RDA or TR movie) (gen, G)

Myrrh (Christmas/The Holidays) (Jack/Sara, G, spoilers through Cold Lazarus)

All For Our Country (CSI) (gen, G, spoilers through Homecoming)

The 6th Day (The works of Don S. Davis) (Jolinar/Martouf, G, spoilers through The Devil You Know)

Sisterhood (S6 or S7 episode tag) (Teal'c/Ishta, G, spoilers through Birthright)

Language (Jell-O) (gen, G)

Beyond the Sea (The X-Files) (gen, G)

The Dogs of War (The West Wing) (gen, PG)

Redemption (redemption) (Jonas/Kianna, G, spoilers through Fallout)

What She Left Behind (Tim McGraw) (Sam/Jack, G, spoilers through Point of View)

Freedom (progress or regression) (gen, G, spoilers through Death Knell)

Risen (Without a Trace) (gen, G, spoilers through The Nox)

Five Pictures That Will Never Leave the Mountain (alien races) (gen, G, spoilers through Enemy Mine)

Tactical Advances (damage) (gen, G)

Neutral Ground (sushi) (Jack/Sara, G, spoilers through Cold Lazarus)

Keeping Company (we were explorers once) (gen, G, spoilers through Homecoming)

Preparations (apocalypse or armageddon) (gen, G, spoilers through Seth)

Weather (lost in space) (gen, G, spoilers through Fair Game)

The Edge of the World (hunger) (gen, G, spoilers through Fallen)

Invisible (isolation or exclusion or solitude) (gen, G, spoilers through The Tok'ra)

Changes (mirror universe) (gen, G)

Politics (from a first line by Nostalgia) (gen, PG)

Hope (from a first line by Tafkar) (gen, PG)

Intermediaries (from a first line by Fox1013) (gen, PG)

The Next Thing (from a first line by cofax) (gen, PG)

Tears (from a first line by Splash-the-Cat) (gen, PG)

Acting Presidential (from a first line by Tripoli) (gen, PG)

Next Step (from a first line by Nel Ani) (Danie/Sha're, PG)

Paying Attention (from a first line by C Deacon) (gen, PG)

Alien Challenge (from a first line by Wiliqueen) (gen, PG)

Aftershock (from a first line by Salieri) (gen, PG)

Possibilities (from a first line by Elishavah) (gen, PG)

High Alert (from a first line by Otter) (gen, PG)

Change of Life (from a first line by Tsiankiio) (gen, PG-13)

Compare and Contrast (from a first line by Sage_theory) (gen, PG)

One Out of Three (from a first line by Danvers) (gen, PG)

Battle Plans (from a first line by sef1029) (Sam/Pete, PG)

Angle of Descent (from a first line by Nestra) (gen, PG-13)

Historical Accuracy (from a first line by Brighid) (gen, PG-13)

Decisions (for slyredfox, who wanted the whole team and nothing about their day jobs) (gen, G)

Exotics (pretty life) (gen, G)

Speed (addiction) (gen, G)

Definitions (unique) (gen, G)

Locked (for troyswann, who wanted a scary thing in someone's peripheral vision) (gen, G)

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