The Ability to Get Things Done -- A response to Nestra's Virtues Challenge. (Gen, PG, spoilers through Homecoming)

The Law of Unintended Consequences -- For Salieri, who wanted seven vices to go with the virtues. (Gen, PG-13, spoilers through Fragile Balance)

Combinations -- A mosaic of pairings and triads in ten snippets, written in response to Salieri's dictionary challenge. No, not those kinds of pairings and triads. Sorry. (J/S UST, PG, spoilers through Heroes)

Iphigenia -- Five things that never happened to Charlie O'Neill. (Gen, PG, spoilers through There But For the Grace of God)

Almost a Statesman -- Teal'c thinks he's going home. Home isn't so sure. (gen, PG, spoilers through Evolution)

Soul May Look and Body Touch -- Daniel and the sarcophagus. For Salieri. (gen, PG-13, spoilers through Abyss)

In the Wrong Story -- Sam and Jack and Daniel, after the end of the world. (S/D, S/J, J/D, J/S/D, PG-13, spoilers through A Hundred Days)

Needs and Standards -- The morning after. A brief followup to In the Wrong Story, written for carolyn_claire. (S/D, PG-13)

Paths Worth Exploring -- Sam and Daniel by the side of the road. A brief prequel to In the Wrong Story, written for carolyn_claire. (S/D, NC-17)

Wandering Blind -- Just more questions / different kinds. A sequel set three months after In the Wrong Story. Written for vonnie_k, who wanted zombies and post-col. Covery by tripoli8. (J/S/D, NC-17, July 2007)

Sweet -- Daniel has the flu. Written for carolyn_claire (you know, I'm seeing a pattern here), who wanted "Some chicken-soup fic from the Wrong Story-verse. It could have actual chicken soup in it, I suppose, or any other remedy they'd use to deal with a virus. Caretaking, that's the thing." This is utterly shameless sick person h/c. You have been warned. (J/S/D, G, March 2005)

Snakeskin -- The Tok'ra in five movements. (Jolinar/Rosha/Martouf/Lantash, Anise/Daniel UST, Jack/Freya UST, PG-13)

Artificial Devotion -- The Protector loves Tawny best. Galaxy Quest. Written for Yuletide 2004. (het, PG-13)

Designs on You -- Grace owns her sexuality. Along with some parsnips. Joan of Arcadia. Written for nestra's birthday. (Grace/Luke, PG-13, spoilers through Spring Cleaning, June 2005)

A Heavenward Striving -- People seek knowledge for all sorts of reasons. Written for the SG-1 Team Ficathon. (gen, PG, December 2005)

A Little Bit More -- Logan isn't a big fan of Christmas, Veronica is an angry marshmallow, and Duncan... isn't there. Veronica Mars. Written for Yuletide 2005. (Veronica/Duncan, PG-13, December 2005)

The Sangata, Book 1 (The Ramayana Remix) -- May all of our truths be remembered. Stargate SG-1. Written as a remix of Nanda's story Creak. (Gen, G, April 2007)

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