Appropriate Behavior

Rating: PG-13

"So," Jack said, once he was left alone with Nick. Well, kind of alone. "Daniel's..." He waved his hands in the air.

"Here with us now. Yes." Nick nodded firmly.

He didn't look like a crazy person, and it wasn't that Jack didn't want to believe him--really, really want to--but it was still weird. Very weird. Plus, disorienting. "Where?"

"Standing at my right side."

"So..." Jack reached out and waved his hands through the air next to Nick at waist-height. "Here?"

"No, now he has moved. Farther to the right."


"He's... Daniel! Stand still. Colonel O'Neill is... yes, I can see that, but Daniel, you are incorporeal. What does it matter?" Nick listened for a little longer, then turned back to Jack, looking apologetic. "I'm sorry. Your hands were passing through a...particular portion of his anatomy."

"A particular--oh! Yes. Anatomy. Right. Totally unintentional." Jack took a step back, holding his hands up in front of him. "So, uh, Daniel, why don't you wait down in the Gateroom while I take Nick--hang on." Jack stopped dead, looked hard at the empty space that held Daniel, looked back at Nick. "So he's been here the whole time."

"He was also at the hospital. He asked me to trust you, which I did," Nick said, directing this last to his right with the air of someone continuing an argument. "Otherwise--yes, yes, Daniel, I am telling him now--otherwise, yes, he has been here since he returned with Teal'c."

"Wandering around the base. Invisible."

"Yes." Nick smiled, obviously thinking this was the coolest thing since Belizean crystal skulls. Apparently a fascination with weirdness was genetic. Who knew?

"Where exactly has he been spending his time?"

Nick blinked at him. "Colonel?"

Jack turned toward Daniel's last known location. "I'm just saying. Invisible and walking through walls? Daniel, so help me, if I find out you've been going into, ah, private areas..." He trailed off, glancing at Nick.

Nick cocked his head, then smiled at Jack. "He says that there is no need to worry, as he has not been looking at anything he was not looking at already. Daniel is a good boy," he added. "I am certain the young ladies here have nothing to fear."

Jack thought about that, and then about Daniel smirking up at him Thursday night just before wrapping his lips around Jack's dick, and then about the fact that they were in the Mountain and Nick was Daniel's grandfather for God's sake, which meant he was going to have to let Daniel take this round.


"Right. Good. That's... good," Jack said to thin air. He stood there for a moment more, then gestured Nick out of the room ahead of him, trying to shake the feeling that he was being laughed at.

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